When I was a child, back in the early 90s, I clearly remember my mum once sharing with me that she was worried for me as I never write my notes in class and also struggled with languages. "You are very good at drawing though", she added, still unsure how that would help me as I grow up. My childhood hereby went on with me facing difficulty in expressing my thoughts in words. If you have seen the movie Taare Zameen Par, you could relate me to the boy in the story. Yes, I can share that I have Dyslexia.

My love for art all started with me drawing landscapes and silhouettes while in school and filling up the walls of my room while at home. I believe my passion for art stems from both my parents. My dad, who is very talented and gifted in arts. He would just draw anything and everything. While my mom used to click pictures of me and my sister on a Kodak film camera since our day 1. She had new film roles kept stand by so not to miss any crazy pose or fun we had. I can proudly say, we have one of the best childhood albums ever!

I however, grew up in a typical 90s kid's middle class set up. This obviously meant I had to graduate as a Engineer in Electronics 😉 I further went to complete my Masters in Business Administration from the University of Wales, UK. During all these years of trying to fit myself in a corporate career, I was very fond of Photoshop and spent a lot of time in editing pictures for myself and my friends for their social media profiles.

In 2011, we got to buy a camera for my dad’s work. After some research, I got him a Pansonic 20x digital zoom. That was the first camera on which I spent a lot of time. Like every budding photographer, I started shooting landscapes and street photography. I however, loved to shoot people rather than a random subject so I ended up shooting a friend’s wedding as the 4th photographer. I loved everything about their wedding. Capturing the raw emotions and the magic between bride and groom in the wedding sparked this crazy joy inside me. Finally!! My Nirvana moment!! I knew right away that this is what I loved to do and this is how I could express myself.

My approach to every wedding is distinct. It is a result of my creativity, passion and my unrelenting commitment to the complete trust of my clients who commission me to capture their priceless moments.

I believe clients fall in love with my work that they see more than those awards, badges, or "Top 10 feat. lists". They are ready to trust me completely to do what I do. This trust drives me to find the perfect balance between creative experimentation and honest documentation.
I mostly showcase portraits and my vision comes through strongest in these shots.

Of course, weddings are about more than just pictures of yourself. I’m happy to share my complete work gallery with you upon inquiry.
I hope you like my style. It isn’t for everybody, but if you feel it is I hope to talk with you soon.